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National Drought Mitigation Center

NDMC Logo Information and Usage Guide


The National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC) logo is available for use with permission. If you would like to use the logo, please contact the NDMC directly to request permission. The logo was revised in 2016. This guide is provided to explain how to use the primary and alternative versions of the logo, and also provides information about colors, fonts, etc.

This information is available in printed format:

Logo Variations, Fonts and Colors

Logo Style and Usage Guide

Logo Variations

There are multiple variations of the NDMC logo which can be used for different purposes. The official logo is the Primary Logo shown below, and should always be the first choice of logo. Alternative Version 1 replaces the full National Drought Mitigation Center Text with the NDMC acronym. This version is more informal and would be more appropriate for applications such as social media accounts (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.) Alternative Version 2 stacks the full text. This is done to make the logo more compact, and also increase the size of the text. This logo is ideal for situations where a square logo would be more suitable, or when the text needs to be larger (i.e. PowerPoint slide).

Primary Logo


Alternative Version 1


Alternative Version 2



Each logo has four different color schemes: full color, greyscale, black and white.


The color logo is the preferred version, however, there are situations when use of a color logo is not possible. The other three options can be used in these situations. The black logo or white logo are good for situations where higher contrast is needed, and the white logo is ideal for darker backgrounds.

The following is a list of the colors that comprise the logo:

Color Pantone Red Green Blue Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK Hue Saturation Value Hex Code
Black Black 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 0 0 0 000000
Red 1807 181 18 27 0 100 96 28 355 89 70 B5121B
Orange 179 241 93 34 0 79 100 0 16 85 94 F15D22
Yellow 1235 253 187 48 0 29 91 0 39 80 99 FDBB30
Light Green 377 120 162 47 45 0 100 24 81 70 63 78A22F
Dark Green 357 0 99 37 80 0 100 56 141 100 38 006325


An outlined version of the logo is available which is useful for situations when the logo must be placed on a “busy” background. The default color white, but this can be changed to another light color that has enough contrast from the logo elements.


The font used for all logo text in all variations of the logo is Century Gothic Bold.

File Formats

Currently the NDMC logos are available in multiple vector and raster formats. Choose a file format that works best for your specific use. The files are named as descriptively as possible in order to determine one specific logo from another. Other file formats and logo sizes are available upon request.

Adobe Illustrator (AI)

The original versions of the logos are in AI format. There are multiple layers to create the different color schemes for each logo.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

There are several SVG versions of the NDMC logos available for use. There are also SVG files containing the parts of the logo that are all one color. These files were used in the creation of the NDMC logo font.

Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

All of the logos are available in PNG format with transparent backgrounds. There are two resolutions for each file: 300 dpi and 150 dpi. User the larger dpi format for printing purposes and the smaller dpi for applications that will appear on a screen such as presentations.

Inappropriate Uses

The following are examples of ways in which the logo can be used inappropriately. Please refrain from making these types of logo modifications.

Changing the font of the text:


Alterations to the colors:


Incorporating extra graphics:



Using a background or outline which doesn’t provide a good contrast:




Using a file with too low of a dpi for the application:


Distorting the logo’s width or height:


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