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Part II: Water Management During the 2000-2001 Drought in South Florida

Authors:W. Abtew B. Adams T. Bates T. Bechtel L. Brion M. Brown J. Bucca L. Cadavid N. Duerr D. Gilpin-Hudson G. Goforth B. Graft S. Gray B. Gunsalus K. Havens J. Hyres N. Iricanin T. Kosier K. Leckler L. McCarthy O. McClean P. McGinnes J. Mulliken J. Obeysekera M. Padgett D. Powell G. Redfield B. Ross K. Rutchey S. Scott A. Sewell J. Van Arman P. Walker L. Werst W. Wilcox
Year of Publication:2001
Publisher:South Florida Water Management District

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