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Drought Communications Catalog

Type of Communication:

State to Public

"About Drought," by the Colorado Division of Disaster Emergency Services in 1989, a 20-page pamphlet with historic, scientific and Colorado-specific information about drought. It includes information about government agencies' roles related to drought, and a small section on "Developing a Public Information Program on Drought." To request a copy, please contact the National Drought Mitigation Center,, 402/472-6707.

State Authority to Municipal Water Suppliers

Sample Urban Water Management Plan for the imaginary City of New Albion, California, a 102-page report prepared by the California Department of Water Resources in 1995. For a copy, please contact the State of California Department of Water Resources, Division of Local Assistance, Water Conservation Office, P.O. Box 942836, Sacramento, CA 94236-0001, (916) 327-1655.

Scientific Establishment to Public & Policy Makers

Western Climate & Water Status, the quarterly report published by the Western Drought Coordination Council, synthesizing raw data into information that identifies emerging drought as quickly as possible.

National Drought Mitigation Center fact sheets (pdf files): What Is Drought? (definitions); The Devastation of Drought (impacts); Why Drought Has Been Hard to Prepare For (how people do, don't and should think about drought), What We Can Do About Drought (ways to prepare for drought, presented as short, medium and long-term measures).

Cooperative Extension (University Experts to Ag Producers)

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service: Drought Information Publications

North Dakota State University Extension Service's "Drought Strategies" fact sheets and links.

Texas Drought News Packet (1996), including Drought Management Strategies

Univerisity of Wisconsin-Extension's Disaster Handbook includes a chapter on drought (a pdf file)

Municipal Water Supplier to Public

"Rationing: The Plans You Need But Dread Using," by James Fryer, Water Conservation Coordinator, Marin Municipal Water District, a paper originally presented at Conserv '96, discusses some of the thinking behind successful communication with customers about water shortages and use restrictions.

Press releases geared for different levels of crisis, from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (coming soon!).

For more information or to suggest an addition to this catalog of drought communication resources, please contact Kelly Smith,, or another member of the WDCC Communications Working Group.

Updated May 7, 1998

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