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Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch

South Dakota Inventory, Planning, and Drought Resources


Major Land Resource Areas Map

Major Land Resource Areas (full size map)

Climate Freatures, Soil Features, and Plant Communities including Growth Curves - click on your county, expand "Section II," expand "Statewide Soil & Site Data," expand "Rangeland, Grazed Forestland, Native Pastureland Interpretation", expand "Ecological Site Descriptions," click on your MLRA


Cooperative Extension Offices

South Dakota NRCS

Prairie Montane Enterprises, LLC
Optimizing management of grazed ecosystems based on prioritized natural resource management and livestock production objectives. Resource assessment and management advisory services in Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota.

Land EKG

Ranch Management Consultants Inc.
Offer a range of education and teaching programmes. Includes an overview of services, newsletter, and forum.

Consultants are not endorsed by the NDMC or this project.

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