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National Drought Mitigation Center

Contact Information

Administration and Referrals

Point of Contact: Ann Fiedler (, 402-472-6707)

Please contact Ann Fiedler to request reprints and for any other inquiries.

For Media

Drought condition assessments and outlook: Mark Svoboda (, 402-472-8238) or Brian Fuchs (, 402-472-6775)

Drought planning and policy: Mike Hayes (, 402-472-4271) or Cody Knutson (, 402-472-6718)

Drought impacts: Brian Fuchs (, 402-472-6775), Denise Gutzmer (, 402-472-6726) or Kelly Helm Smith (, 402-472-3373)

General information or not sure who to call: Ann Fiedler (, 402-472-6707) or Kelly Helm Smith (, 402-472-3373)

Professional and Community Outreach

Point of Contact: Brian Fuchs (, 402-472-6775)

Recent NDMC professional presentations nation-wide have been to water law and policy experts, to hydrologists, to meteorologists, to agricultural policymakers, and at state and regional meetings of water and resource managers and stakeholders.

Community presentations -- generally within driving distance of Lincoln, Nebraska -- have been to public health groups, to history-oriented groups, and to service organizations. We can also provide a drought booth at agriculture or water-related trade shows.

K-12 Outreach

Point of Contact: Tonya Bernadt (, 402-472-2712) or Deb Wood (, 402-472-6705)

K-12 presentations and activities -- within driving distance of Lincoln, Nebraska -- have been at organized, all-day water and environmental education events such as the Children's Groundwater Festival, the earth wellness festival, and WeatherFest, and at Nature Nights and to individual classrooms.

Workshops and Stakeholder Participation

Point of Contact: Nicole Wall (, 402-472-6776)

The NDMC has been conducting workshops and listening sessions since 1997. We work with stakeholders to ensure that our science-based tools will work for the needs and with the capabilities of a variety of users. NDMC outreach staff have worked to create workshop formats to facilitate drought planning by government agencies, to create drought management tools for agricultural producers, and to create tools to anticipate drought months or years ahead of time. We like to see good science being used.

Data and Web Tools

Point of Contact: Brian Fuchs (, 402-472-6775)

Data, shapefiles, and other information related to the U.S. Drought Monitor are online. For more specific or unique requests, please contact Brian Fuchs.

General Website Questions

Points of Contact: For content: Kelly Helm Smith (, 402-472-3373); for technical or data-related questions: Chris Poulsen (, 402-472-8828) or Jeff Nothwehr (, 402-472-8293)

General Contact Information

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