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Sept. 2015 Drought & Impact Summary: Southeast improves, South dries out and West stays dry

Oct 13, 2015

September brought improvements to the Southeast, but the South got drier. The long-term drought in the West continued unabated, but with a glimmer of hope based on the forecast for a mega-El Nino this winter. Western wildfires were particularly destructive and intense in September. Californians exceeded state-set conservation targets in September and the state unveiled a new system for tracking dry domestic wells. Read the full report.

South Korea delegation learns about drought

Oct 5, 2015

The National Drought Mitigation Center and the Department of Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln welcomed a delegation from South Korea Aug. 27-28. The visitors came to learn about managing for mid- and short-term droughts. Won-Ho Nam, an NDMC post-doctoral researcher who helped organize their visit, said they were particularly interested in how state and local governments, water management organizations, stakeholders and farmers can mitigate drought; working with farmers during drought; inter-departmental and inter-agency cooperation; and public outreach and education related to drought.
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Cost-benefit analysis can help utilities manage drought proactively

Oct 5, 2015

A new report reviews how a cost-benefit analysis may be used in drought planning and the challenges that drinking water utilities face in implementing drought management practices. It includes an example cost-benefit analysis for a hypothetical utility, case studies describing utilities’ experiences with drought, and general information about how drought affects utilities.
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The NDMC partners with the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) to help the U.S. be better prepared for drought.

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