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Joe Robine

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Joe Robine is working on an M.S. in natural resources from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with a specialty in human dimensions, and is considering thesis research on how state drought plans incorporate climate change. He began working with the National Drought Mitigation Center as an undergraduate, where he helped analyze state drought plans as part of the Engaging Preparedness Communities Working Group of the National Integrated Drought Information System. He has also helped with the School of Natural Resources Weather Camp, a week-long summer program for middle school students. Joe, who is from Omaha, has had a life-long interest in weather, and found himself interested in climatology rather than meteorology because climatology looks more broadly at large-scale influences on the weather, such as the ENSO effect. Joe graduated from UNL in 2011 as an environmental studies major, with an emphasis in applied climate science. In his spare time, Joe is an avid baseball fan. He is a Kansas City Royals fan, but gets most of his baseball fixes in Omaha, watching the Omaha Storm Chasers, Kansas City’s triple-A team, and the College World Series.

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