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National Drought Mitigation Center


NOAA Paleoclimatology Program is the central location for paleoclimate data, research, and education in the field.

What is Paleoclimatology?, from NOAA.

North American Drought: A Paleo Perspective was created by the staff of the NOAA Paleoclimatology Program, with a focus on paleoclimatic data in North America.

Past droughts across the United States are reconstructed here using tree-ring data to complete Palmer Drought Index (PDSI) time series. Check out the history of drought in your region by clicking on the appropriate grid(s). You can then download the data plots for your use.

Map out past droughts by individual years using the PDSI across the United States for either the instrumental era (1895–1995) or from tree-ring reconstructions going back to 1700.

The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research is located at the University of Arizona.

Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages were designed to be the ultimate source for tree ring information.

PAGES is a global change program charged with providing a quantitative understanding of the earth’s past climate and environment.

CLIVAR focuses on investigating the processes in the climate system on seasonal, interannual, decadal, and centennial time scales.

Reconstructing Past Climate in the Southwest is a research project of CLIMAS (Climate Assessment for the Southwest). 


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