Monday, April 23, 2018

National Drought Mitigation Center

Causes of Drought

Drought has many causes. It can be caused by not receiving rain or snow over a period of time. We learned in the discussions about the water cycle and weather that changes in the wind patterns that move clouds and moisture through the atmosphere can cause a place to not receive its normal amount of rain or snow over a long period of time.

If you live in a place where most of the water you use comes from a river, a drought in your area can be caused by places upstream from you not receiving enough moisture. There would be less water in the river for you and other people who live along the river to use. 

People can also play a big role in drought. If we use too much water during times of normal rainfall, we might not have enough water when a drought happens. We’ll talk more about this when we look at how drought affects our lives and what we can do to protect ourselves from drought.

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