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  • For the latest information about the research and work of the National Drought Mitigation Center check out NDMC News. This is also where we post U.S. Drought Monitor updates each Thursday (Wednesday of holiday weeks). Please email Kelly Helm Smith,, if you would like to receive U.S. Drought Monitor updates each week.
  • Monthly Drought and Impacts Summary
  • DroughtScape is our quarterly electronic newsletter
  • Drought Headlines is a collection of interesting and representative drought stories from the U.S. and around the world.
  • Find information about upcoming events, travel, recent publications, outreach events, and other NDMC activities.

Past Events

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The NDMC works with stakeholders to ensure that our science-based tools meet user needs. Staff have worked to create workshop formats to facilitate drought planning by government agencies, to create drought management tools for agricultural producers, and to create tools to anticipate drought months or years ahead of time. 

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