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Dry Horizons: Washington measures drought's economic impact on ag

Mar 15, 2017
Dry Horizons MarchThe March edition of Dry Horizons features a report by the Washington State Department of Agriculture that attempts to measure the economic impact of the 2015 drought on farmers and ranchers in the state. It's the first of its kind for the agency.

Also in this edition:
  • How to keep tabs on the latest in ecological drought research; and
  • EOS chimes in on "snow drought" and suggests two definitions.

Read the edition here.

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Drought Center releases inaugural annual report

Mar 14, 2017

Annual reportThe National Drought Mitigation Center is excited to announce the release of its first annual report and the unveiling of its new logo.

It’s been an exciting and busy year at the drought center; we’ve worked on 24 projects and hosted or co-hosted 76 events in 15 countries.  But we couldn’t have done it without our 18 state and federal partners and grant funders, and we couldn’t have done it without our stakeholders, who are spread across the country and the world.

Read the report here.

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February 2017 Drought and Impact Summary: Storms bring significant precipitation to western United States

Mar 10, 2017
Significant rainfall led to substantial improvements in California, Oregon, and Washington, while heavy snowfall helped alleviate drought conditions in parts of the Northeast. Drought and abnormally dry conditions expanded across parts of the Midwest, South, and Southeast.
Read the February Drought and Impact Summary.


Dry Horizons: Researchers focus on 'ecological drought'

Feb 16, 2017
Dry Horizons

The February edition of Dry Horizons features a webinar on the science of "ecological drought" and its impacts by researchers with the Climate Science Centers and the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center, along with other partners. Also in this edition: 

  • A chapter in the newly available book "Extreme Weather, Health, and Communities" examines drought and health in the context of public engagement. 
  • South Dakota has a tool that projects forage production six months out based on precipitation to date.

Look for those stories and more here.

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January 2017 Drought and Impact Summary: Conditions continue to improve in U.S.

Feb 10, 2017
Substantial improvements were made over most of the drought regions of the country. For the first time since March 2011, no exceptional drought conditions exist in the United States.
Read the January Drought and Impact Summary.


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