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NDMC’s September Drought & Impact Summary: Southwest sees relief; Midwest still dry; long-term hydrologic drought a concern

October 4, 2013

Monsoon rains brought both drought relief and flooding to the Southwest in September. Although drought generally eased in the United States, the rapid-onset drought in the Midwest stuck around, and Southern California and West Texas were dealing with the effects of multi-year hydrological drought.

  • Soybean growers in the Midwest were hoping for a late freeze to make up for late planting and found themselves dealing with hot, dry weather in September.
  • Despite some improvement in drought, long-term hydrologic deficiencies had reservoirs in central and west Texas approaching historic lows.
  • Hydropower production was down due to drought on some river systems, and Las Vegas’ water supplier was fast-tracking a project to lower water intakes.
  • California braced for continued dry weather, helping small water systems prepare for drought, as ranchers contended with less forage growth and wildlife had to expend more energy finding food and water.


To learn more about drought and its impacts in the United States in September, please see the NDMC’s September 2013 Drought and Impact Summary


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