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DroughtScape looks back on 2016, but to future, too

Feb 2, 2017

DroughtScape We at the National Drought Mitigation Center are releasing the Winter 2017 edition of DroughtScape.  We took a look back at the year in drought, who it affected, where it spread and what affects it had on people across the United States:

·  For parts of country, drought intensified in fall

·  Fire danger, sequoia deaths and retracting drought in last quarter of 2016

·  Drought shifted across U.S. in 2016

·  Dryness affects new regions of country, costs California $600 million in lost revenue in 2016

Also this quarter, the drought center continued its work in the Middle East and North Africa region on a project that taught stakeholders how to use the Composite Drought Index, a version of the U.S. Drought Monitor for the region.

Also in this issue:

·  Workshops promote DEWS community building

·  North Carolina groups examines link between drought, socioeconomic impacts

·  NDMC teams up to help Rio Grande Basin ranchers prepare for dry conditions

·  North Platte Tourney ‘low tech, high engagement’

Read it: DroughtScape, Winter 2017

Want past issues? Access the DroughtScape archive here.

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