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Dry Horizons: MIT case study shows costly infrastructure may not be the answer

August 17, 2017

The August edition of Dry Horizons features a new case study by MIT researchers that suggests large-scale infrastructure may not be the answer to drought. The team used Melbourne, Australia, as a case study. The city, which experienced a 12-year drought, built at $5 billion facility, but it was completed three years after the drought ended and has hardly been used since.

Through analysis and modelling, the MIT team determined smaller-scale, incremental additions to water infrastructure made more sense for advanced countries. 

The newsletter also features:

  • A Union of Concerned Scientists report on healthy soils helping farmers fight back against flood and drought
  • A SCIPP report on local drought management and how counties use nationally driven drought information
  • A 10-year-old's Space Apps Challenge 2017 project: Drop the Drought

Read this month's edition here.

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