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Washington Post Names U.S. Drought Monitor to Top 25 Maps List

The Washington Post named the U.S. Drought Monitor in its list of "25 maps and charts that explain America today," published Feb. 24, 2014, citing extensive reliance on the map in discussions of California's current drought. 

I before E -- Except in Drought

CoCoRaHS Weather Talk Webinar No. 16, March 7, 2013, by Mark Svoboda, leader of the National Drought Mitigation Center's Monitoring Program Area. 

Consequences of Aridity and Drought

Don Wilhite, founding directer of the NDMC, appeared on CSPAN Jan. 15, 2013, talking about drought policy.

Don Wilhite, founding directer of the NDMC, appeared on CSPAN Jan. 15, 2013, talking about drought policy. Appearing with Don are the moderator, Veronica Johnson, News4 Meteorologist, NBC Washington, and fellow panelists Margaret HizaRedsteer, Research Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey; Luc Gnacadja, Executive Secretary, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification; and Roger S. Pulwarty, NOAA National Integrated Drought Information System Director and Physical Scientist. “Aridity and Drought and their Consequences” was a plenary session of 13th National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment, titled “Disasters and Environment: Science, Preparedness, and Resilience,” held for three days in the Ronald Reagan Building by the National Council for Science and the Environment.

UNL's Drone Journalism Lab reports on Nebraska's Drought of 2012

The BBC's Newsnight visited the NDMC, the Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute, Memorial Stadium at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln during the 2012 homecoming game, and several other sites in southeast Nebraska.  The resulting 10-minute video aired in October 2012 and explored drought, water and the global food supply against a backdrop of Husker culture. It includes unique bird's eye footage from up high in the stadium.

Circle of Blue chronicles the making of the U.S. Drought Monitor

The Birth of a Drought Report: Behind the Scenes with the People Who Produce the U.S. Drought Monitor, by Brett Walton, Circle of Blue, July 20, 2012

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