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National Drought Mitigation Center

NDMC Outreach

The NDMC conducts outreach in many ways, all related to our mission to reduce vulnerability to drought. See past events.

Drought Monitoring

Our climatologists are experts in drought monitoring and regularly consult with government agencies all over the country and around the world on the best ways to monitor drought. They also provide up-to-the-minute drought assessments.

Drought Planning

The NDMC works with decision makers at all levels to develop drought plans that incorporate monitoring, impact assessment and short- and long-term responses to drought. We have partnered with local organizations to conduct workshops on drought planning for ranchers, for rural water suppliers, for river basins, for states, and for countries around the world.

The NDMC also partners with others from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's School of Natural Resources to present Climate Masters of Nebraska classes for people who want to make a difference in their communities.

The Next Generation

Visitors to NaturePalooza 2012 enjoyed the 'Rain Race' activity.
Visitors to NaturePalooza 2012 enjoyed the "Rain Race" activity.
Children are the stakeholders of the future. Over the past several years NDMC staff have conducted educational activities at the following events:
  • Earth Wellness Festival; an event for Lancaster County 5th graders that provides students with hands-on learning experiences about natural resources. 
  • Nebraska Children’s Groundwater Festival; an event for 4th and 5th grade students from all over Nebraska. 
  • Weatherfest at UNL’s School of Natural Resources (SNR); a weather and science event for all ages.
  • Naturepalooza; a community wide event that brings together educational and hands-on activities from UNL’s SNR.

Activites that have been developed by the NDMC and presented to students are:

  • Water Banking, a classroom activity designed to teach students about the interconnected uses of water and the problems associated with allocating water during times of drought.
  • Meteoropoly, the Game of Hazard Mitigation, a classroom activity designed to teach students about various weather hazards and how to prepare for them.
  • Snow Pack, an activity demonstrating climate variability. Students measure various amounts of snow representing different years and learn where Lincoln’s water comes from
  • The Drought “Wheel of Misfortune.”,Students spin the wheel and answer questions about drought and water conservation.
  • The Lore of the Tree Rings, a display that teaches students to observe the effects of drought on trees, with a fun “decorate your own tree cookie” activity.
  • Megadrought Walk, a walk-through display that features questions about prehistoric and recent droughts in the United States.

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