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Cattlemen organizations

Lincoln, NE, November 19, 2014

Kristina Butts from National Cattlemen's Beef Association and Pete McClymont from Nebraska Cattlemen meet with Mark Svoboda.

Andries Jordaan Visit

Lincoln, NE, November 7, 2014

Dr. Andries Jordaan, an invited speaker for the 2014 Community Capital Framework Institute held at UNL, had a follow-up visit with Dr. Tsegaye Tadesse.

Community Capitals Framework Institute 2014

Lincoln, NE, November 5-7, 2014

Community Capitals Framework Institute: Applications of the Community Capitals Framework in Natural Resource Planning, the Environment and Community Vitality will be held at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The focus will be on employment of the Community Capitals Framework on issues related to water management, drought planning, and rural and community development. The event is sponsored by the Heartland Center for Leadership Development, the National Drought Mitigation Center, the National Integrated Drought Information System, and South Dakota State University. NDMC attendees are Deborah Bathke, Tonya Bernadt, Tonya Haigh, Cody Knutson, Tsegaye Tadesse, and Nicole Wall. Please register at:

David Titley Visit 2014

Lincoln, NE, October 30-31, 2014

Dr. David Titley, a professor of practice in the Department of Meteorology at Penn State University and founding director of Penn State's Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk, speaks on "Climate Change and National Security: People Not Polar Bears," at the Nebraska Union on October 30 at 3:30 p.m. The seminar is presented by the School of Natural Resources, the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and UNL's Office of Research and Development. Dr. Titley visits the NDMC on Friday, October 31, to meet with Mike Hayes and NDMC staff.

Moroccan Visitors 2014

Lincoln, NE, October 27-31, 2014

The NDMC welcomes visitors from the Royal Center for Remote Sensing in Rabat, Morocco, for a week-long training session on drought monitoring and early warning systems.. Ms. Ehssan EL MEKNASSI YOUSSOUFI, Mohammed Faouzi SMIEJ, and Noureddine BIJABER will work with Mark Svoboda, Chris Poulsen, and others from the NDMC, and Brian Wardlow from CALMIT.

Wind River Reservation Drought Monitoring Workshop

Ft. Washakie, WY, October 21-22, 2014

Brian Fuchs and Nicole Wall are presenting and facilitating discussions at this NDMC/NIDIS sponsored workshop held at the Wind River Reservation near Lander, Wyoming.

Rachael McDonnell Visit

Lincoln, NE, October 13-16, 2014

Dr. Rachael McDonnell from the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, visits Tsegaye Tadesse and other faculty and staff at the NDMC October 13-16. Accompanying Dr. McDonnell are Rashyd Zaaboul and Karim Bergaoui, meteorological and hydrological modellers at ICBA. ICBA is an international center of excellence for research and development in marginal environments and works to address agriculture and water scarcity problems.

Octavio Lagos Visit 2014

Lincoln, NE, September 30, 2014

Universidad de Concepcion, Department of Water Resources, Chillan, Chile

NaturePalooza 2014

Lincoln, NE, September 30, 2014

Staff members Tonya Bernadt, Nicole Wall, and Deb Wood provide a hands-on activity at the annual NaturePalooza. This year children learn about drought and decorate tree-cookies. The event is sponsored by the School of Natural Resources from 3:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Bob Nixon Visit 2014

Lincoln, NE, August 29, 2014

Bob Nixon of Robert Nixon & Co. in Kalannie, Western Australia, meets with Mike Hayes and Tonya Haigh. Bob is a Nuffield Australia 2014 Scholarship Recipient, a program supported by Grains Research and Development Corporation. He is visiting Canada, the US, Argentina, and Kenya to research his topic, "Mitigating the Risk of a Variable and Drying Climate."

NASA IDS: Seasonal Prediction of Hydro-Climatic Extremes in the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) The First Participatory Research and Project Meeting

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, August 11-12, 2014

A Workshop Organized by: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA), National Meteorology Agency (NMA) of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Meteorological Society (EMS), and Addis Ababa University (AAU), Ethiopia. The workshop goals are to present and share past and current climate information among identified stakeholders in order to understand future prediction and delivery needs in terms of planning and adapting to future droughts and floods in the Greater Horn of Africa. Attendees from the NDMC are Dr. Tsegaye Tadesse (organizer and presenter) and Nicole Wall.

Mirek Trnka Visit

Lincoln, NE, August 7-24, 2014

Mrnka Trnka, Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic, visits the NDMC to work on joint research projects.

Center for Rural Affairs Visitors

Lincoln, NE, July 16, 2014

Center for Rural Affairs' Rural Opportunities Program Director Kathie Starkweather and Program Associate Adele Phillips visit with Tonya Haigh and Nicole Wall.

Tyler Williams Visit

Lincoln, NE, June 25, 2014

Tyler Williams, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, Assistant Extension Educator in Phelps and Gosper Counties, meets with Kelly Smith and Tonya Haigh.

CDC Presentation

Lincoln, NE, June 18, 2014

LOCATION: East Campus Student Union, Great Plains Room TIME: 3-4:30 PM "The Intersection of Climate and Health: Connecting Historical Trends to Current Public Health Opportunities -- Lessons from the Wisconsin BRACE Program," will review climate trends and projections, and then consider the potential health impacts caused by climate and extreme weather event exposures, including: precipitation changes, heat extremes, drought, winter weather, disease vectors, surface water, and groundwater. The presentation will give an overview of the Wisconsin Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE) program supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The event is sponsored by UNL's Public Policy Center, College of Arts and Sciences through the Thomas C. Sorensen Endowment, the National Drought Mitigation Center, and the Public Health Association of Nebraska.

Monitoring Soil Moisture and Water Resources for Drought using Remote Sensing (1pm Central)

Lincoln, NE, June 4, 2014

Please join us for a free webinar on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 that will explore NASA’s Soil Moisture Active Passive Program (SMAP) and Applied Remote Sensing Training (ARSET) and how these tools can assist in drought preparedness and management. This event is hosted by the Engaging Preparedness Communities working group of the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS).

Jaroslav Vido Visit 2014

Lincoln, NE, June 1-30, 2014

Jaroslav Vido, Assistant Professor in the Department of Natural Environment, and Faculty of Forestry at Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia, has returned for a 2nd visit to the NDMC to continue research with Dr. Tsegaye Tadesse.

Yared Bayissa Visit

Lincoln, NE, May 19-October 31

Yared Ashenafi Bayissa, a Lecturer at Ambo University in Ambo, Ethiopia, and a Ph.D. student at UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in The Netherlands, is at the NDMC to research drought assessment and forecast in the context of climate change using remote sensing and hydrologic modeling. He is working under the direction of Tsegaye Tadesse.

Rangeland Drought Impact Webinars (10:00 a.m. Central Time)

Lincoln, NE, May 15-22, 2014

Learn about the importance of monitoring rangelands during and after drought using photopoints, and submitting drought impacts to the NDMC's Drought Impact Reporter. May 15 at 10:00 a.m. Central Time: Benefit of Monitoring during and after Drought (Julie Elliott, Colorado NRCS) and Using Photopoints (Pat Reece, Prairie Montane Enterprises) May 22 at 10:00 a.m. Central Time: Introducing GrassSnap: A New App for Taking Photopoints (Bethany Johnston, UNL Extension) and The NDMC Drought Impact Reporter (Kelly Smith, NDMC).

Yiping Li and Sha Sha Visit

Lincoln, NE, May 14-June 11

Yiping Li and Sha Sha, Research Scientists from the Institute of Arid Meteorology of the China Meteorological Administration in Lanzhou, China, are at the NDMC to investigate GIS and remote sensing strategies for improved drought monitoring, and learn how these strategies are being incorporated into the weekly drought assessment process taking place at the NDMC.

Vietnam Program Visitors

Lincoln, NE, May 2, 2014

Ben Wilkinson, Vietnam Program, Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center, Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia, and Rainer Asse, Vietnam Program-Fulbright Economics Teaching Program, Harvard Kennedy School, visited with Michael Hayes.

Sophie Bachmair Visit 2014

Lincoln, NE, March 31-April 1

Sophie Bachmair from the Hydrology Department at the University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany, meets with the NDMC faculty and staff. Sophie is a collaborator on the NSF-Belmont DRIVER project.

Jerry Wegiel Visit

Lincoln, NE, March 24, 2014

Sujata Manandhar Visit

Lincoln, NE, March 19, 2014

Dr. Sujata Manandhar, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, visited the NDMC and was the speaker at the Spring Semester Water Lecture Series. .

Kazakhstan Visitors

Lincoln, NE, March 12, 2014

Visitors from Kazakhstan as a part of an exchange study tour to the US: "On Climate Forecast, Projection, and Crop Modeling."

Visitors from Brazil

Lincoln, NE, March 10-14, 2014

The NDMC welcomes four visitors from Brazil for a week-long training session on drought preparedness planning and drought monitoring. Bruno Biazeto is currently a senior partner of an environmental research firm. Cybelle Braga is Coordinator of Management at the Institute of Water Management RN. Francisco Souza Filho is a professor in the Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, Federal University of Ceara. Robson Vieira Silva is a system analyst and manager of desktop, mobile and web products at FUNCEME, the Ceara state meteorological and water resources institute. After leaving the NDMC, the team will travel to Mexico City for a 2nd week of training.

Melchiade Bukuru Visit

Lincoln, NE, March 2, 2014

Melchiade Bukuru, Chief of UNCCD Liaison Office at the United Nations, visited the NDMC during his visit to UNL as part of the 2014 Winter Lecture Series.

Dr. Haryo Winarso Visit

Lincoln, NE, February 20, 2014

NIDIS EPC Webinar on APA Drought Planning (1pm - 2pm Central)

Lincoln, NE, February 12, 2014

This the 4th topic in a series webinars hosted by the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) Engaging Preparedness Communities (EPC) working group and the NDMC. The presenter will be Jim Schwab with the American Planning Association. His topic will be related to the new Planning Advisory Service guide on drought planning.

Linda Propoky Visit

Lincoln, NE, February 12, 2014

Linda Prokopy, Associate Professor of Natural Resource Sciences at Purdue University, visited the NDMC during her visit to UNL as a speaker for the Spring 2014 Water Seminar Series.

Kate Berry Visit

Lincoln, NE, January 29-31, 2014

Dr. Kate Berry is visiting as a part of the Nebraska Water Center's seminar series. Dr. Barry is from the University of Nevada - Reno and will speak on the topic "Participatory Water Governance: Experiences & Issues from Around the World."

North Central Regional Center for Rural Development Webinar (12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CT)

Lincoln, NE, January 29, 2014

Nicole Wall from the NDMC co-presented a research update with Dr. Stephen Gasteyer (MSU Sociologist). The webinar discussed the evolving and changing role of the land grant university in water information management in the Republican River Basin. For more information, please visit:

Planning for Extreme and Extended Drought

Garden City, KS, January 9, 2014

The NDMC along with NIDIS will offer a one day workshop on Planning for Extreme and Extended Drought in Garden City, KS. Ranchers and Crop Producers are invited to register.

NIDIS EPC Drought Impacts Webinar 3

Lincoln, NE, January 8, 2014

This is the third of five webinars that will highlight drought impact collection and reporting in the U.S.

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