Friday, February 12, 2016

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Past NDMC Events

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NIDIS Midwest DEWS Kickoff Meeting

St. Louis, MO, February 9-11, 2016

Mark Svoboda, Brian Fuchs, Nicole Wall, and Crystal Stiles (High Plains Regional Climate Center) attend and facilitate the NIDIS Midwest Drought Early Warning System kickoff meeting.

Pacific NW Drought Early Warning System Meeting

Portland, OR, February 2-3, 2016

Mark Svoboda participates and helps facilitate the NIDIS Pacific NW Drought Early Warning System meeting.

Community Capitals Framework Meeting

Lincoln, NE, January 27-29, 2016

Deborah Bathke and Nicole Wall host the Community Capitals Framework/North Central Regional Center for Rural Development (NCRCRD) project meeting being held at the International Quilt Center on East Campus.

Caribbean Drought Workshop - St. Lucia

, St. Lucia, January 25-29, 2016

Mike Hayes, Cody Knutson, and Brian Fuchs conduct a drought training and drought planning workshop with the Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology.

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