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Past NDMC Events

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Technical Workshop on Drought and Seasonal Forecasting Tools

Austin, TX, December 6, 2017

NDMC climatologist Brian Fuchs will give a presentation on drought monitoring products and processes; and climatologist and education specialist Deborah Bathke will discuss drought tools, resources and educational materials.

Dr. Muthoni Masinde Visit

Lincoln, NE, October 5-6, 2017

Award-winning South African researcher and innovator Dr. Muthoni Masinde visits the NDMC October 5-6, 2017. Masinde, who developed a mobile app that small farmers can use to predict drought, is the head of the IT department at the Central University of Technology, Free State, South Africa.

Flexible Stocking Summit

Nunn, CO, September 19, 2017

Brian Fuchs organizes and presents at the Flexible Stocking Summit hosted by the NDMC in conjunction with the Northern Plains USDA Climate Hub. Tonya Haigh also attends.

Amber Roegner and Jessica Corman Visit

Lincoln, NE, August 30, 2017

Amber Roegner, a NIH-Fogarty Global Health Fellow, and Jessica Corman, University of Wisconsin-Madison, deliver a seminar at UNL on water quality, community health, and ecology based on their interdisciplinary work near Lake Victoria, Kenya. They meet with Theresa Jedd from the NDMC to discuss social science for drought monitoring and management research.

South African Visitors

Lincoln, NE, August 22-25, 2017

Andries Jordaan (Disaster Management/Training & Education Centre for Africa), Janse Rabie (Head of Natural Resources at AgriSA), and Moses Khangale (National Disaster Management Centre) come to the NDMC to learn about drought and activities at the drought center. On the final day of the visit Mark Svoboda accompanies the visitors to Anselmo, Nebraska, to visit the George and Barb Cooksley ranch.

Anne Trainor Visit

Lincoln, NE, August 17, 2017

Anne Trainor from The Nature Conservancy visits UNL to deliver a seminar on spatial analysis for land management and development priorities in Zambia. She meets with Kelly Smith, Tonya Haigh, and Theresa Jedd from the NDMC to discuss the role of community involvement in research, and political, social, and legal structures in the African context.

Planning and Managing for Prolonged Drought in Far West Texas

El Paso, TX, August 15, 2017

This workshop provides an opportunity for water and agriculture managers and interests to learn about challenges and opportunities in planning and managing for drought in Far West Texas, including research and resources to support decision-making and tools and technologies available for drought mitigation.

Nigerians Visit

Lincoln, NE, July 26, 2017

Professor M.K. Othman, Professor Chris Daudu, and Dr. Bala Shehu, Amadu Bello University, meet with Mark Svoboda to discuss famine early warning and drought mitigation.

Dr. Guilied Artan Visit

Lincoln, NE, July 24, 2017

Tsegaye Tadesse hosts Dr. Gulied Artan from the IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. Mark Svoboda meets with Dr. Artan to give overview of the NDMC.

Dr. Nejem Raheem Visit

Lincoln, NE, July 18, 2017

Dr. Nejem Raheem, Associate Professor of Environmental Economics at Emerson College in Boston, presents a seminar titled "Ecological Impacts of Drought and their Feedbacks into Human Communities" at 3:30 p.m. in 901 Hardin Hall on July 18. Dr. Deborah Bathke is hosting Dr. Raheem.

Tony DeGrand and Nebraska Science Teachers Visit

Lincoln, NE, June 14, 2017

LPS high school science teacher Tony DeGrand and a group of Nebraska science teachers meet with Brian Fuchs to learn about the NDMC and the Drought Monitor. Teachers from Lincoln, Harvard, Milford, Seward, Exeter, and Milligan attend.

Summer Season Outlook and Impacts Forum for Agriculture in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

Weslaco, TX, May 23, 2017

Agricultural producers, district managers, extension personnel, and other interested organizations are invited to attend a one-day workshop to learn about water, weather, and climate outlook for the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Brian Fuchs and Tonya Bernadt attend and present "Drought Early Warning and Preparedness in the Southern Plains" and "U.S. Drought Monitor Educational and Outreach Material for Stakeholders."

Drought Planning Tools Workshop - North Platte NRD

Scottsbluff, NE, May 10, 2017

Kelly Smith presents at this workshop on drought tools and Nicole Wall and Curtis Riganti help facilitate discussions. The workshop was jointly hosted by the North Platte Natural Resources District and the NDMC.

THIRA Workshop - Kearney

Kearney, NE, April 21, 2017

NDMC staff Deborah Bathke, Tonya Bernadt, Nicole Wall, Elliot Wickham, and Crystal Stiles (High Plains Regional Climate Center) conduct a workshop for our project "Drought Planning Using Community Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment."

IPA Brazil Visitors

Lincoln, NE, April 12, 2017

Dr. José Geraldo Eugenio de França and Dr. Alvaro Eugenio de França from the Instituto Agronomico de Pernambuco - Brazil meet with Mark Svoboda. The visitors are attending the Water for Food Global Conference and meet to discuss collaborations related to drought monitoring and mitigation.

Tenth Biennial U.S. Drought Monitor Forum

Keystone, SD, April 3-5, 2017

Attending and presenting from the NDMC at the Drought Monitor Forum are: Mark Svoboda, Brian Fuchs, Deborah Bathke, Tsegaye Tadesse, and Curtis Riganti.

Jim Schwab Visit

Lincoln, NE, March 29, 2017

Jim Schwab, American Planning Association, visits Mark Svoboda to discuss APA and NDMC collaboration.

David Cobon and Roger Stone Visit

Lincoln, NE, March 10, 2017

David Cobon and Roger Stone from the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba, Queensland Australia, visit with Mark Svoboda.

Kenyans Visit 2017

Lincoln, NE, February 28-23, 2017

Tsegaye Tadesse hosts a group of board members and senior management personnel from the National Drought Management Authority in Nairobi, Kenya. The purpose is to learn about the organizations and identify areas of collaboration. The visitors are: Hon. Agndes Ndetei, Board Chairperson; Mr. Kasembeli Nasiuma, Board Director; Ms. Emily Mworia, Board Director; Mr. Rashid Amin, Board Director, Mr. Hashim Ali, Director of Corporate Services; and Mr. Martin Kiveu, Manager of Internal Audit.

Rapid City Focus Groups

Rapid City, SD, February 21-22, 2017

Tonya Haigh and Tony Mucia, NDMC graduate assistant, conduct two focus group meetings as part of the "Enhancing Drought Early Warning Capabilities for Agricultural and Tribal Stakeholders in the Missouri River Basin" project.

Peter McCornick Visit 2017

Lincoln, NE, January 5, 2017

Peter McCornick, Executive Director of the Water for Food Global Institute, visits with Mark Svoboda.

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