Sunday, May 29, 2016

Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch

Inventory and Monitor Finances

Measuring Financial Health

The same basic measurements are used both to inventory your current financial situation, and to monitor your finances over time.  This information is helpful in setting goals, choosing between management strategies, and measuring how your management is affecting your financial status.  This section describes financial indicators such as cash flow, debt to asset ratio, net worth and unit cost of production, and what these numbers tell you about your operation.

Financial Decision Making Tools

This section describes how partial budgeting can help you make sound management decisions, from a financial point of view, and provides links to financial decision making tools.

Monitoring Feed and Livestock Markets

Decisions aren't made in a vacuum.  The price of supplemental feed, and livestock markets in your area and other parts of the country will help determine the financial feasibility of your decisions before, during, and after drought.  This section links you to many common feed and livestock market sites.

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