Monday, May 21, 2018

Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch

Using NRCS's Web Soil Survey to Inventory and Monitor

The NRCS website includes ecological site assessments with photographs and lists of species for successional plant communities that occur on range sites in your area. This site offers a tutorial on the various features and how to use them.

Select your Area of Interest (AOI).

Click on the Ecological Site Assessment tab at the top of the page after delineating your Area of Interest (AOI). Select a specific range site (ecological site) from the left hand column.
Then look at descriptions for each successional plant community that occurs on the drop-down menu immediately below the range site you selected. These communities will be identified as stages/phases in state-and-transition models developed by the NRCS. Primary causes for changes in plant communities are also provided. Larger view of drop-down menu with plan community phases.

You can also view the plant growth curve for various plant communities, telling you when most of your forage is produced (right).



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