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Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch

Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch

Drought is a normal part of will happen again. Fortunately, there are things you can do before, during, and after drought to reduce your risk. Ranchers are increasingly implementing new ways to better prepare for and respond to drought.

The information, strategies and resources on this site are designed to provide livestock producers in the Great Plains region with information on how to incorporate management strategies to reduce the threat drought poses to livestock and forage operations.

Workshops and Webinars

Recent Workshop:

Managing Extended and Extreme Drought

January 9, 2014

Garden City, KS

(Link to workshop summary, presentations, and recorded sessions)

Additional Resources:

Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch Professional Development Webinar Series


Past Ranch Drought Planning Workshops

Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch: Great Plains Examples

South Dakota
Daybreak Ranch

Daybreak Ranch 

Tippets-Myers Ranch

Tippets-Myers Ranch 
(Western Sandhills)
Reed Hamilton Ranch 
Shamrock Ranch 

Alexander Ranch

Alexander Ranch 
(South Central)
Adams Ranch 
(North Central)


Welch Ranch 


Johnson Ranch 
(West Central)


Here’s what my dad used to tell me.
He said, if you bet on dry weather in this country, you’ll be right more than half the time”
--Nebraska rancher, 2006

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