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Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch

Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch Workshop: Kearney, NE

August 15, 2012

The National Drought Mitigation Center, in cooperation with the UNL Center for Grasslands Studies, presented the Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch workshop to over 150 participants as a part of the Nebraska Grazing Conference. The workshop was provided with funding by the USDA RMA's Risk Management Education program.

Pat Reece addresses a question on mob grazing during drought

Presentations included:

  • Introduction to Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch (powerpoint)
  • Writing a Drought Plan: Step by Step (powerpoint)
  • Livestock/Feeding Considerations in Drought Risk Management (powerpoint)
  • Financial Considerations in Drought Risk Management (powerpoint) (example spreadsheet)
  • RMA Pasture, Rangeland and Forage Insurance (powerpoint)
  • Producer Reality Check: Lessons Learned

The half-day workshop was recorded as a webinar and can be accessed here:

First Session (before break-Knutson, Reece, and Rasby - (1:19:02)

Second Session (after break-Stockton, Roeder, and Alexander (1:32:57) Has some Q&A at the end of this session.

Third Session (This is Lynn Myers describing his grazing management plan) - (18:48)

Note to Readers: When you are in the Adobe Connect program, you can fast-forward and go back through the slides and audio by using the scroll bar at the bottom of the page. Also, you may need to adjust sound through your computer speakers, since speakers have different vocal tones, etc…


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