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Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch

Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch: Powell, WY

September, 24, 2012

Northwest College

Speaker and audience at Powell, WY Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch workshop

The National Drought Mitigation Center, in cooperation with Northwest College, presented the Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch workshop to over seventy participants on September 24, 2012.  The workshop was provided with funding by the USDA RMA's Risk Management Education program.

Presentations included:

  • Introduction to Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch - Tonya Haigh, National Drought Mitigation center (slides)
  • Adapting to Drought:  Lessons from long term experiments and ranchers – Emily Kachergis, USDA-ARS High Plains Grasslands Research Station in Cheyenne (slides)
  • Grazing and Livestock Considerations During and After Drought – Jerry Volesky, UNL Extension Range and Forage Specialist (slides)
  • Market and Financial Considerations During and After Drought – Harlan Hughes, Livestock Economist and Columnist for BEEF Magazine (slides)
  • Stories from the Range: Drought Plan Examples and Real-World Experience  – Lynn Myers, NE Rancher (slides), and JD Radakovich, General Manager of the Hoodoo Ranch.
The half-day workshop was recorded as a webinar and can be accessed here:

Note to Readers: When you are in the Adobe Connect program, you can fast-forward and go back through the slides and audio by using the scroll bar at the bottom of the page. Also, you may need to adjust sound through your computer speakers, since speakers have different vocal tones, etc.  Once you get to Harlan Hughes' presentation, the audio and slides do not match up (sorry, technical glitch!), but you can listen to the audio and use the links above to the powerpoint presentations to see the slides.

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