A workshop brings people together to exchange ideas, discuss their points of view, and make suggestions with other experts and decision-makers about a particular topic or problem. They focus on gathering information, sharing or generating new knowledge, and building products such as collaborative action plans, priority lists, and draft policies. Scenarios help link drought issues and impacts relevant to the community to related drought management decisions.


a drought scenario workshop showing four people sitting at a table listening to one person discuss what another person is writing on a board


You may want to consider a workshop if your objectives include:


Workshop objective graphic containing the following objectives 1) Identifying strategies and resources needed to respond to the drought impacts presented in the scenario 2) Collecting information and promoting learning as stakeholders from different sectors share perspectives on how they would be affected by the drought scenario 3) Building consensus among diverse stakeholders as they discuss and evaluate drought and water management policies regarding the drought scenario 4) Writing a component of your drought plan


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