Collaborative Drought Planning Using Scenario Exercises provides information and tools to help plan drought scenario-based exercises — structured, interactive activities designed for engaging decision-makers, stakeholders, planners, and emergency managers in the process of planning and managing mitigation and response activities for a hypothetical drought.

The guide has been broken down into four sections, each with background information, tips, examples, and tools to help you understand roles that scenario-based exercises can play in reducing drought risk and to select and begin planning an exercise for your community or organization. Consider the information and approaches presented here as guidance based on research and experience rather than as a fixed set of steps and procedures. The goal is to present previously successful strategies you can employ to design the right exercise for your group.



Drought Planning

drought planning

Introduces drought planning and the role that scenario-based exercises play in preparedness.



Describes the three forms of exercises and presents information to aid selection.



Lays the groundwork for designing a successful drought scenario-based exercise.



Provides resources including case studies, research findings, a glossary, and references.


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