This guide to help rangeland managers better prepare for and manage drought is a project of the National Drought Mitigation Center and collaborators South Dakota State UniversityUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Texas A&M Kingville.

This project was initiated in 2006, with funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Risk Management Agency.

Much of the content of this site was developed by and with Dr. Pat Reece, retired UNL faculty and now consultant with Prairie Montane Enterprises.

The website was developed by, and will be maintained by, the National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC).  Comments, questions, suggestions, additions, or changes can be directed to

Original Project Collaborators:

Cody Knutson (PI), Water Resources/Social Scientist, NDMC
Pat Reece, Consultant/Rangeland Ecologist, Prairie and Montane Enterprises, LLC
Barry Dunn, Dean of Agriculture, South Dakota State University (SDSU)
Brian Fuchs, Climatologist, NDMC
Roger Gates, Range Management, SDSU
Sandy Smart, Range Scientist, SDSU
Matt Stockton, Agricultural Economist, West Central Research and Extension, UNL
Jerry Volesky, Range/Forage Specialist, West Central Research and Extension, UNL

Additional Collaborators:

Dwayne Rice, Range Specialist, NRCS-Kansas
Tonya Haigh, Rural Sociologist, NDMC
Stan Boltz, State Range Mangement Specialist, NRCS-South Dakota
Gale Dunn, Soil Scientist, USDA-ARS
Scott Cotton, Extension Educator, Panhandle Research and Extension Center, NE

Producer Advisors:

Ted Alexander, KS
Brian Alexander, KS
Cal Adams, KS
Lynn Myers, NE
Jim Faulstitch, SD
Homer Buell, NE


Dick Clark, Agricultural Economist, Retired UNL
Mike Hayes, Director and Climate Impacts Specialist, NDMC
Terry Klopfenstein, Ruminant Nutrition, Retired UNL
Rick Rasby, Beef Specialist, Animal Science, UNL

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