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SARE Webinar Series

January 30: Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch: The Planning Process

Jerry Volesky, Range and Forage Specialist at the UNL West Central Research and Extension Center in North Platte, Nebraska

Lynn Myers, owner of Tippets-Myers Ranch in western Nebraska

February 27: Avoiding Analysis Paralysis: Monitoring and Setting Critical Dates for Decision Making During Drought

Dwayne Rice, Rangeland Management Specialist, NRCS, Kansas

Ted Alexander, owner of Alexander Ranch in south-central Kansas

Cal Adams, owner of Adams Ranch in north-central Kansas

March 27: The New Cumulative Forage Reduction (CFR) Index: Assessing Drought Impacts and Planning a Grazing Strategy

Pat Reece, owner and senior consultant of Prairie Montane Enterprises and Professor Emeritus of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln

April 24: Using a Drought Calculator to Assist Stocking Decisions

Stan Boltz, State Range Management Specialist, NRCS-SD

Jeff Printz, Range Management Specialist, NRCS -ND

May 29th: Economic Factors to Weigh in Making Decisions during Drought

Matt Stockton, Ag Economist at the West Central Research and Extension Center-UNL

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