National Drought Mitigation Center

Planning and Drought

The National Drought Mitigation Center and National Integrated Drought Information System worked with the American Planning Association on Planning Advisory Service Report No. 574, Planning and Drought, released in January 2014. It is provided in electronic form as a free download by the American Planning Association for the benefit of the public. It is also available for sale in printed form from APA. The report was edited by James C. Schwab, AICP, manager of APA’s Hazards Planning Research Center, which led the project to produce the report, with contributions from the following authors:

  • Jeff Brislawn, AMEC
  • Marilyn Hall, AICP, Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County, Georgia
  • Cody Knutson, National Drought Mitigation Center
  • Marsha Prillwitz, consultant
  • Kelly Redmond, Western Regional Climate Center
  • James C. Schwab, American Planning Association
  • Mark Svoboda, National Drought Mitigation Center

Information on all the authors can be found on the inside front cover of the report.

The Hazards Planning Research Center is part of APA’s National Centers for Planning, which include the Green Communities and Planning and Community Health Research Centers.