NDMC works across the U.S. and around the world with physical and social science researchers, policymakers, agricultural producers and other stakeholders addressing topics related to drought monitoring, mitigation, planning and policy. Here are some of the places where we’ll be working in the days and weeks ahead:

Rabat USAID MENA Meeting

Location: Rabat, Morocco

Date(s): July 7, 2019 to July 9, 2019

Mark Svoboda conducts a workshop in Rabat and participates in USAID meetings.

Stockholm IDMP Meeting

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Date(s): August 22, 2019 to August 24, 2019

Mark Svoboda participates as an advisory panel member for the Integrated Drought Management Programme meetings in Stockholm.

2019 Biennial U.S. Drought Monitor Forum

Location: Bowling Green, KY

Date(s): September 17, 2019 to September 19, 2019

The U.S. Drought Monitor Forum, Sept. 17-19, Bowling Green, Kentucky, is a biennial event organized by the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), Climate Prediction Center (CPC), Kentucky Division of Water, and Kentucky Climate Center at Western Kentucky University. The meeting was originally scheduled in March but postponed due to the government shutdown. Topics include the history of the U.S. Drought Monitor, drought in Kentucky and the Midwest, new drought monitoring products and more. Please contact Richard.Heim@noaa.gov or David.Miskus@noaa.gov if you have specific questions about the USDM Forum. Registration is free and limited to the first 100 attendees. To register, go to the National Drought Mitigation Center’s registration page: drought.unl.edu/Registration.aspx?id=963

Past Events