2013 U.S. Drought Monitor Forum

April 16 to April 18, 2013
West Palm Beach, FL

The U.S. Drought Monitor forum for 2013 was held in West Palm Beach, Florida.


  • Central United States 2012 Drought Assessment
    Jim Angel
  • Pacific Possessions: The Challenges of Drought on the Islands
    Laura Kati Corlew
  • National Integrated Drought Information System
    Lisa Darby
  • The National Drought Mitigation Center’s Drought Risk Atlas
    Brian Fuchs
  • The North American Drought Monitor: A Continental Approach
    Brian Fuchs
  • Drought Monitoring in Canada
    Trevor Hadwen
  • Southeast Climate Consortium Efforts for the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin NIDIS Pilot
    Keith Ingram
  • Drought Monitoring in St. Lucia
    Fitzgerald John
  • Agricultural Impacts of Drought on the Southeast U.S.
    Pam Knox
  • Municipal Wellfields and Saltwater Intrusion – Response to Recent Water Shortages in South Florida
    Peter Kwiatkowski
  • Are We There Yet? A State Perspective on Drought Planning and Response
    Tom Littlepage
  • USDA Update – Data, Products, and Services
    Eric Luebehusen
  • Southern Plains Drought Assessment
    Chad McNutt
  • Drought Monitoring Activities in Mexico
    Reynaldo Pascual, Adelina Albanil, Minerva López, Lorena Cruz, Jorge L. Vázquez and R. Lobato
  • City of West Palm Beach Drought Impacts: Challenges and Solutions
    Jeri Muoio
  • Improving Drought Monitor Products for Water Management in South Florida
    Calvin Neidrauer
  • Drought Monitoring CPC and NWS
    Matt Rosencrans
  • Drought Monitoring in Guyana
    Bhaleka Seulall
  • The Collection of Drought Impacts: Community of Practice
    Mark Shafer
  • Drought Impact Reporter Overview
    Kelly Smith
  • Drought Impacts Community of Practice
    Kelly Smith
  • What are drought impacts?
    Kelly Smith
  • A Simple and Reliable Index for Characterizing and Ending Drought Severity in the Big Cypress Swamp and Everglades
    Bob Sobczak
  • Drought Monitoring in Jamaica: New Approaches
    Jacqueline Spence
  • Balancing and Managing Flood Risks and Droughts Now and in the Future
    Tom Strowd
  • Just How is the U.S. Drought Monitor Made?
    Mark Svoboda
  • Climate Studies in the Caribbean
    Michael Taylor
  • Grenada Drought Monitoring Activities
    Trevor Thompson
  • Establishing Caribbean Drought Early Warning Information Systems (DEWIS)
    Adrian Trotman
  • Moving from Crisis to Drought Risk Management: Motivating the International Community
    Don Wilhite
  • Drought Monitoring in Florida
    Dave Zierden