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Dry Horizons

May 2022

UNCCD report calls for global commitment to drought resilience, droughts in U.S. West longer and slower than in East, report recommends planning for drought and water scarcity, and a new climate and health outlook series launches

April 2022

USDM webinars offer USDA staff, others insight into process, how to reduce California urban water use, a drought game for school classes, and more

March 2022

USDA podcast spotlights the U.S. Drought Monitor, new website tracks California water data, federal funding for drought mitigation projects in Klamath Basin and more

February 2022

New water shortage contingency plans for rural Californians, a goal to build ‘water resilience’ by 2030, a tool that indicates regional likelihood of flash droughts and more

January 2022

Drought Center develops new objective blends tools, Clock ticking for 2021 USDA disaster assistance programs, USDA irrigation report and more

December 2021

Get the latest drought info in your inbox, benefits of wastewater recycling, Madagascar drought and more

November 2021

A new NDMC tool that uses news to track drought impacts and more

October 2021

How drought contributes to job stress among farmers and more

September 2021

Greenhouse gas emissions increasing in California due to drought and more

August 2021

‘Hot droughts’ are growing more prevalent and more

July 2021

West turns to recycling water to help combat drought and more

June 2021

World Desertification and Drought Day and a new website compiles resources to help navigate drought conditions in the U.S. West.