Dry Horizons

August 2023

Study examines needs of Oregon farmers and ranchers. Framework addresses resource management challenges in the West. Federal funding announced for drought mitigation in the Upper Colorado River Basin.

July 2023

Article examines successes in California stream restoration. Public invited to weigh in on Colorado River guidelines. NIDIS, UNMC produce novel drought and health assessment.

June 2023

Some trees benefit from drought. Potential expansion of bimodal zone in West. Paradigm shift recommended for California water policy.

May 2023

Studying the effects of California’s 2015–2016 mandatory water cuts. Creating climate-resilient water systems for rural communities. Arizona coalition explores water conservation opportunities.

April 2023

Examining climate service problems, Rule to restore wildfire-impacted lands, Human drought dimensions in San Joaquin Valley and more.

March 2023

Helping water utilities communicate effectively. Helping Colorado producers find creative solutions. Exploring drought planning in Southeast and more.

February 2023

Guide seeks to help developers reduce water use. Ways to help San Joaquin Valley agriculture adapt to uncertain future. California funding for drought relief projects. Improving water security in western U.S.

January 2023

Drought-tolerant grass species holds crop clues. Bison study could help restore grassland biodiversity. Bureau of Reclamation, water managers will conduct basin studies. New ways to manage fire risk.

December 2022

Water savings strategies for smaller communities. Plans to help protect Colorado River system. State-of-the-art technologies help identify drought strategies in plants. And more.

November 2022

Drought strategies for California. Program aims to protect Colorado River System. Social dimensions of drought. And more.

October 2022

An alternative to xeric landscapes. Tree rings help understand drought in river basins. Western hydropower relatively stable despite drought. And more.

September 2022

Yakima River Basin could hold clues for solving Colorado River water challenges. Ranchers find an ally in beavers. San Diego overhauls its water and drought plans and more.