National Drought Mitigation Center

Who We Are

Beichen is a third-year Ph.D. candidate in Natural Resource Science specializing in Climate Assessment and Impacts at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His research is focused on building and analyzing geospatial, statistical, machine-learning, and deep-learning models to assess and predict complex drought impacts on ecosystems and various socio-economic sectors. His broader interests include investigating climate change's effects on natural disasters.

Beichen worked as a Graduate Research Assistant for the NDMC in his master's program. He worked on several projects, including processing and managing satellite remote sensing data sets, building combined drought impacts models, and analyzing drought impacts on the forest. During his master's, Beichen developed a study to investigate the relationships between GRACE-based groundwater and soil water storage and forest water stress using regression models and chronological tree-ring data, which suggests that employing GRACE data would help monitor and assess forest drought.

Beichen holds a bachelor's degree from Northwest A&F University in China in Geographic Information Science and a master's degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Natural Resource Science.