Envisioning a Regional Drought Learning Network

Feb 11-12, 2020

We are laying the foundation for a drought learning network (DLN) to record and learn from management experiences during drought. The DLN will be a framework for stakeholders to share experiences in preparing for, responding to and recovering from drought. The upcoming workshop will focus on needs and response during extreme and exceptional drought in the Southwest and Southern Plains. The workshop will convene service providers and stakeholders to establish a prototype DLN, so that communities can learn from communities. Preliminary proposed DLN components include case studies, stakeholder resilience reporter, drought management database, listserv and others. 

Location Information


New Mexico State University Campus
Wooton Hall, Jornada Experimental Range
2995 Knox Street
Las Cruces, NM

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For more information about this event contact Emile Elias or Brian Fuchs


Registration closes on February 1, 2020 and is limited to 40 participants.

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