National Drought Mitigation Center

Providing Drought Risk Management Services for the World Bank

The National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC) is using its long-term drought risk management expertise in partnership with the World Bank and its partners to improve drought resiliency in various regions of the world. The partnership builds upon recent and current efforts to build drought resiliency in southern Africa and Brazil.  

Three main activities are incorporated in the project. The first is continued support of drought risk management activities in southern Africa, including efforts that are underway in Botswana and Eswatini, as well as in other nations in the region should needs arise or the World Bank Group (WBG) request services in the region. The second is World Bank staff training, in which the NDMC coordinates with the WBG to conduct training with WBG staff about addressing drought risk management and utilizing the Three Pillar approach (monitoring and early warning, vulnerability and impact assessment and mitigation, preparedness and response). Thirdly, the NDMC will provide the WBG with expert knowledge and skills when needed over the course of the partnership to support the WBG and client decision making. 

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