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Drought information services for agriculture in the United States 2017 to 2018

The partnership of the USDA/OCE and NDMC makes possible continued refinement of existing NDMC analytical and monitoring tools associated with production of the U.S. Drought Monitor. It also supports activities that include NDMC's development of new data blends for the USDM, workshops for USDM users, and other online and print resources for USDM users.

Recent service enhancements also include:

  • translation of the weekly U.S. Drought Monitor products in to Spanish
  • production of USDM change maps that allow users to see changes in drought conditions at the regional, state or county level
  • synthesis of USDM information with commodities data to provide real-time assessment of areas of North American livestock and ag commodities in drought
  • development of new layers and feeds in the Drought Impact Reporter that facilitate display of USDA-related data

Through this project the NDMC provides additional technical assistance to support development of drought monitoring for areas such as the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands and Puerto Rico.

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